Bridge HR is a specialist consultancy providing exceptional placement services to Recruitment, Resourcing and Human Resources Professionals.

Bridge HR has over 28 years’ experience as a career guide and in an advisory and consultative capacity with both teams and individuals.

Balanced Life Coaching
Transition & Change Coaching
Professional & Career Coaching
Personal & Life Coaching

Coaching can help you restore balance or help you create and drive change in one or more area of your life. We work with you to identify exactly what is important to you and why and then help you focus on how to achieve what you need.

We can concentrate your coaching on a specific area of current importance and focus – Professional & Career, Transition & Change, Personal & Life – or we can provide you with Balanced Life Coaching, looking at all of these aspects and helping you work towards achieving the right balance for you.

We provide coaching for both individuals and for companies requiring coaching for either individual employees or teams within their organisation.

Bridge HR